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Bespoke Coaching


For many celebrities & business women, time is precious and often non exsistant. The stresses of traveling throughout pregnancy and often right after the birth, can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and feeling like your only option is to just keep pushing through it. Many women are choosing to work right up until their due date (as I did) and feeling the pressure to return to work sooner. But your primal needs are the same, the changes in your body are the same, your fears are real and the option to pop into weekly antenatal or relaxation classes is not possible. If this sounds like you or your client, the VIP Bespoke Service is how we can help and support you.


Having worked in the Media Industry in the UK for over 10 years, as a Producer & Exec, it is something I take in my stride. Private information and personal details are secure. We can work with you alone or with a birth partner/assistant of your choice. We can even offer you options for a doula or other trusted therapists to work closely with us as you prepare for the birth of your little one.


It is a complete private antenatal education course and focuses on the use of hypnobirthing, mind preparation, body relaxation, birth partner involvement or birth team support. We will give you a pre course questionnaire to fill in, which is completely private, and that allows us to personalise and tailor the course to your needs and concerns. No matter how or where you are planning to birth, we can give you tools & techniques to utalise during pregnancy, birth & beyond so that you can be more relaxed & stressfree from pregnancy though to parenthood.




Time is a luxury, so we are happy to travel to your workplace, private residence, hospital, hotel or even airport, to work with you one-to-one at a time that suits in Dublin or around Ireland. Whether that be in between flights, or on route to a shoot, or after a business meeting, or a rare weekend at home - as your birth coach, we will work with you to come up with a course & timetable that works and caters for your needs. These can be taken as hourly packages, full days, or intensive evenings.

Prices range from €450 - €1000. Contact us for your personlised quote.


You can read our feedback here and see Natal Hypnotherapy in the media. All sessions are completely confidential and guaranteed discreet, 

educational and empowering. 

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