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My Story

A women will always remember the day she cast eyes on her baby, so my aim is to help them achieve that through informed decisions, flexible techniques and a woman centred approach.

Elaine McMahon Dossett


Why I set up FearFree Birthing

I always had an inner voice telling me that birth should be an instinctive process. I grew up with horses - they were never perscieved to be in pain while giving birth?! They moved around instinctively, breathed rhythmically - and these are flight animals! I had my own fears about pregnancy and birth too - with no prior experience, I had gathered these fears from the media and through stories I was told. I knew I wanted it to be different for me - and it was! And I knew I wanted to support women through this most precious journey, and help them have a fearfree experience - no matter how they birthed! A women will always remember the day she cast eyes on her baby, so my aim is to help them achieve that through informed decisions, flexible techniques and a woman centred approach.


What got me into Hypnobirthing

People prepare their mind and body for sports and marathons - so why shouldn't we prepare our mind and body for the birth of our babies?! So as soon as we became lucky enough to be pregnant, we signed up for the Hypnobirthing workshops with Natal Hypnotherapy. The courses had such a positive effect on us, that 3 weeks before I was due to give birth, I signed up to be a NH practitioner. We felt so excited, confident and calm about the birth, and we felt that no matter where or how the birth happens, that natal hypnotherapy has enabled us to have a positive experience.


We had the most empowering experience. Any time my husband saw me loose focus or tense up, he was able to use the tools and techniques he'd learnt on the course to guide me back to my quiet, calm, relaxed place, where I could shut my mind off and let my body get on with what it knew what to do. Without this course, the book and CD's, I do not think my birth experience would have been the same. I think every woman should have the opportunity to have a positive experience, and I hope that by being a NH practitioner and teaching these wonderful Hypnobirthing life skills, that I can guide expecting couples on the right path to a birth they can look back on with love and positivity. ​

Expanding my services

I form such close relationships with my clients and I am always asked for more classes after the birth. So I am spending the next 6-12months training and developing the service further to be able to offer more postnatal and early years classes, and I am very excited to be able to watch your little ones grow from bumps to babies and beyond!


My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

Team work – having your husband/birthing partner involved and confident to support you with the whole process.Trust – trust your body can birth your baby no matter where you are, and trust that you are able to adapt should your birth path change on the day.Calm mum = calm baby – throughout your pregnancy and labour, a calm confident mum will help the baby feel at ease and relaxed no matter how or where you give birth.

As a natal hypnotherapy mum, I am able to speak from personal experience. I have tried and tested the workshops, books and cds and am very passionate about sharing what I've learned, and look forward to equipping expectant couples with various tools and techniques they need to get a positive, relaxed birth. I'm excited to see birth partners feel confident about their role during the labour, and I can't wait to see the pregnant women eliminate their concerns and greatly reduce any worry or fear they may have.


My related Qualifications & Continued Professional Development

• Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training with Maggie Howell 2012

• Diploma in Birthlight Yoga 2017 (Pre & Post Natal)

• Birth Physiology Workshop with Dani Diosi 2012

• Diploma in NLP 2009 (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

• NHS Honary Contract - RVI Newcastle Upon Tyne 2015, Parent Educator

• Postive Birth Movement Coordinator for Ireland (facilitator since 2013) 

• Stress Management Consultant 2017 (with the Hypnotherapy Academy)

• Certificate in Caring for Vulnerable Children 2016 (ongoing)

• Certificate in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance 2016 

• Nutritional Therapist 2016 (The Health Sciences Academy ongoing)

• Certificate in Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture 2015 (ongoing)

• Certificate in Babies in Mind: Why the Parents Mind Matters - Infant psychology & attachment 2015 

• Aims Ireland Support 2018 - present

• Diploma in Blossom and Berry baby massage & yoga, developmental play  and infant mental health 2018

• Dona Internatal Postpartum Doula 2018

• Certificate in Breastfeeding support 2018 (with Mairead Murphy)

• Diploma in Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy 2019

• Certificate hand and foot massage 2019

• Certificate Addressing Postnatal Depression as a healthcare professional 2019 (University of Exeter FutureLearn)

• Certificate Women's Health After Motherhood 2019 (Trinity College Dublin FutureLearn)

• Sound Healing Course 2019 (Mildred Ryan)

• Certificate Indian Head Massage 2020 (Ace Academy Training centre London)

• Diploma Sound Therapy 2020 (ongoing)

• Certificate Mindfulness for Stress Reduction 2020 (Centre of Excellence ongoing)

• Certificate Build Bonds with Babies & Infants 2020 (Creative Education)

CPD's include:

• Clinical Obstetrics policies & NICE Guidelines 2012

• Waterbirth with Fran Padgham 2013

• Social Media 2013

• Birthlight Womb to World - Gentle Birth & Gentle Mothering with Dr. Sarah Buckley 2014

• Delayed Cord Clamping & Bedside Reseusitation with Dr David Hutchon 2014

• Birth Protocols, Guidelines & Policies with Sheena Byrom 2014 

• Pregnancy Shiatsu & Acupressure with Hannah Mackay 2014

• Breech Birth with Jane Evans 2015

• EFT with Tamara Donn 2015

• Mindfulness 2015

• Positive About Pregnancy & Bith - University of Bradford Midwifery 2015

• Human Rights in Childbirth - 2016

• Positive Birth Conference 2017

• Bump & Baby Conference 2019 (Doulacare Ireland)

• Infant Microbiome course 2019

• Baby Reflux Training 2020

• How to curate and publish a Book 2020

• Overcoming birth Trauma 2020

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