This is a way for women and their birthing partners to prepare for the birth and learn the skills to have a more positive birth experience. By using self-hypnosis, the woman can focus her thoughts, and shut everything else out, to enable her to trust and work instinctively with her birthing body. By simply handing control over from her mind to her body, she can allow herself to do what women have done for thousands of years, and know that mother nature and her amazing DNA will not let her down during this most precious event.

I was trained in the Natal Hypnotherapy method which was developed by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist Maggie Howell in 2000 and has helped over a hundred thousand women around the world. It has become increasingly popular, with fans including Carolin & Matt Dawson, Beverley Turner & James Cracknell, as well as Sara Cawood and Angellica Bell who all used Natal Hypnotherapy to help them feel more relaxed and in control of their birth preparation. But i went on to expand my knowledge with Birthlight, Dona International & the Hypnotherapy Academy so have been able to draw in on all these skills to offer you a complete Mind & Birthing birth preparation workshop.

Women learn techniques either by listening to a series of relaxing CDs in the privacy of their own home and following the step-by-step Effective Birth Preparation Guide Book or by attending one of the popular, more in-depth workshops run across the UK and Ireland.

Why choose Hypnobirthing?

​The mother is guided into a deeply relaxed state using breathing techniques, guided imagery and visualisation. Once in a daydream-like state, she is taken through a detailed visualisation of the delivery from a physiological perspective - almost like a dress rehearsal of the birth. This way she can practice her labour and respond to any sensations and changes she might experience.

By listening to my MP3's over and over again, her body and mind become more and more familiar with the processes of a

calm relaxed birth, so increasing her confidence and reducing a lot of the anxiety. As the mind does not know the

difference between imagination and reality, once you go into the labour for real the body recognises the sensations and

triggers and says: “Oh yes, we have done this before – this is a sign for me to relax, stay calm etc..”.