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Active Birth - Breathe & Bounce


Come and join us for our active birth antenatal workshop focusing on the use of birth balls, breathing techniques and positions for your pregnancy, labour and beyond!

By attending it will:


  • Show various positions for optimal foetal positioning

  • Help with back or pelvic pain in pregnancy.

  • Demonstrate the importance of breathing for relaxation and focus in pregnancy & birth to supply your baby with oxygen and blood flow to the womb, to help reduce stress, and to maintain a healthly blood pressure.

  • Natural pain relief techniques that you can utaliseno matter how you birth; a natural birth/ while you wait for the epidural/ or while you are being prepped for your cesarean birth.

  • Show how to use the birth ball & practise positions to support an active birth

  • Provide a time for relaxation so you can focus on yourself and your bump

  • Help with performing pelvic floor exercises

  • Give you an opportunity to meet other pregnant women, relax and have fun.

  • Facilitate discussions about changes/discomforts that occur during the pregnancy and issues around pregnancy, labour & birth

When & Where

The next workshops will be in Trinity College Dublin monthly on Saturday's 11-12.10pm. 



This course will run once a month and costs €40.  


Please contact us for more information, to note your interest and reserve your place! It can be tagged onto the

Positive Preparation class and you will be offered 10 discount if booking both classes together on the same day

to make up a full birth preparation course for only €50 for both workshops taken together.

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