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Baby Massage Live Online 

This 4 week course provides a wonderful way to learn massage for your baby, suitable from around 8 weeks to crawling. It gives you time to connect with your baby and it has amazing benefits for everyone involved and can be continued as part of your daily routine at home.


  • Relaxes baby & improves sleeping patterns

  • Improves self-confidence in handling your baby

  • Helps you to connect and read your baby’s communication signals

  • Soft touch and genlte stokes stimulates the digestive system, improving constipation & relieves wind and colic

  • Improves all bodily systems including circulation and nervous systems

  • Improves bonding with baby

  • Relaxes you and can help to reduce post-natal depression

  • Great opportunity to meet other parents



4 classes for €80. mornings 9am before their morning nap or evenings 6pm as part of their bedtime routine. Group classes now via zoom due to demand. Also weekend workshops for teething, sleep, colic, etc.

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