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Why not join us for our new "Mummy Relaxation", post natal relaxation class?! A little window of peace where you can look after yourself, recharge your batteries, relax your mind and body, and have some much  deserved "ME" time!



A 4 week course costs €40 and by attending it will:


  • Help to increase your confidence and calmness during the postnatal period which is a time of bonding, resting and adapting to the immense changes to both you and your baby’s life. 

  • Taking time out to relax + re-energise will help you stay calmer, respond more instinctively + cope well with all the changes which will bring long term benefits to you both.

  • Can be used by all mothers regardless of the type of birth you’ve had

  • Promotes deep refreshing sleep (even if it is only for half an hour)

  • Information and exercises for your Pelvic Floor Muscles.

  • Decreased chance of post natal depression

  • Increase confidence as a new mother & Faster recovery rate

  • Sense of calm and tranquility


Contact us for more information + reserve your place. Dublin post natal classes & retreats available!


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