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Birth Stories

The best way for you to feel more positive about birth, is to constantly surround yourself with postive birth stories, images and videos. Here is a range of positive Birth Stories from our clients to inspire you, and show the various ways FearFree Birthing can help you to prepare no matter what path your birth takes. 

Heath's Birth - Waterbirth

Second Birth, Big Baby

Our gorgeous little boy Heath arrived on Friday after the most perfect labour and birth experience! I must thank you so much for helping me to learn how fantastic Hypnobirthing with natal hypnotherapy is. My 1st birth a few years ago went fine and I can't say it was a bad experience, but I did feel that I lost control towards the end and without trying to make it sound dramatic, I think I found that quite traumatic and thats the part of his birth that stuck with me most and made me fear Heath's birth. After attending the NH workshops with Elaine at FearFreeBirthing, it helped to alleviate just about all negativity I had been feeling...



Finn's Birth - Caesarean Birth

Last Minute Change of Birth Plan at 40weeks, Positive Woman Centred Caesarean Experience

My initial birth plan was to have a nice relaxing water birth in a midwife led unit but complications with my baby meant it was unclear whether I would be able to give birth naturally or need a c-section. Whatever happened I knew I would need to be on a hospital ward without a birthing pool and if I gave birth naturally I would need to look at another form of pain relief.

I was introduced to Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy when I was about 6 months pregnant. I'll be honest, my initial thoughts were this is a bit airy fairy for me, but my husband and I thought we would give it a try. It couldn't do any harm, and if it does help, all the better for me....

Milo's Birth - Natural Hospital Birth

Not Enough Time for Waterbirth, and Had To Be Monitored, But They Adapted to Change of Birth Path

I've always wanted to have a family and when I did the test and the magic 'pregnant' word appeared, I was overjoyed! Though being a worrier by nature that's also when my fears began.  I spent a lot of my pregnancy worrying and wondering if my baby was ok and growing as they should.  My biggest fear about labour was what if something went wrong.  I guess a lot of my worry was due to the fact I was out of control.
I wanted to do the natal hypnotherapy workshops to see what I could learn to help me with labour as it was all the unknown with this being my first baby.  What I didn't expect is how it would change and help so many aspects of my outlook during pregnancy and birth...

Aria's Birth - Epidural Birth

Skype Course in Norway, Long Labour Utilising the Techniques & Remaining Calm During Medical Procedures

Before the birth I was practicing my natal hypnotherapy in the intervals recommended by you 2-4 times a week, then tried everyday after week 36, but I must admit however that I didn't manage to practice everyday after week 36, but I sometimes listened to the cd twice a day if I could with my aromatherapy oil burning.

My labour ended up to be quite long, 2.5 days with contractions every 15-30 minutes the first 12 hours, then every 5-15 minutes before we got admitted to the hospital after 1 day and 21 hours! I was at that point 4cm dilated. 

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