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                      Birthlight Yoga - Pregnancy Yoga Dublin 


Attend weekly classes throughout your pregnancy, or for small groups in the run up to your birth as we focus on sleep, moving with ease and utilising yoga during the birth!






















Birthlight Yoga for maternity has a greater focus on birth preparation with an aim to promote ‘normal’ birth as well as enhancing wellbeing throughout pregnancy.  They are an ideal complement to your antenatal care. Birthlight has been at the forefront of selecting and adapting yoga practices that are safest and most suitable for pregnant women. Hip rotations and flowing sequences of moves have been developed to avoid strain in held postures. Yoga breathing techniques have been selected and adapted to expand women’s breathing capacity in gentle and effective ways that carry through to labour and the postnatal period to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Rather than pelvic muscle tone, Birthlight promotes elasticity and stability that are the best foundation for birth and postnatal recovery even when medical intervention is called for.  


Birthlight is the first training provider to have been recognised by the British Council of Yoga Therapy (BCYT) and the Federation of Antenatal Teachers (FEDANT). Birthlight Yoga is accredited with the Royal College of Midwives in the UK and keeps up with the latest developments in international midwifery circles and research networks.


                                                                     Classes are running in Rathmines on Wednesday mornings.

                                                         Also available for corporate wellness.  Contact us to reserve your spot! 

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