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In Person Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland and Newcastle Upon Tyne Birth Centre at the RVI hospital


These highly successful workshops provide you with a complete mind and body birth preparation course. I've been so proud to welcome people on our online courses from all across Ireland, UK, Abu Dhabi, Norway, Australia, America, France, Holland and Malaysia.  Hypnobirthing has become the generic term of using any self hypnosis in birth, however my courses integrate all of the techniques I have learned from Natal Hypnotherapy, Birthlight Yoga, Dona Int Postpartum Doula training and all the mindfulness and stress management  techniques I learned with the Hypnotherapy Academy that I also teach in corporates, schools & sports teams. Similar to Gentle Birth courses, we do not promote pain free but instead give you a range of tools and techniques which you can practice and then choose on the day as you feel necessary. They help you deal with the sensations of labour, and can be utalised no matter which path your birth route takes - so you will leave the course with options for your Plan A, Plan B and even Plan C birth. Take a look at our our inspirational & varied Birth Stories

This is full antenatal birth preparation course and includes areas that are not covered on the majority of other courses - one of those being your emotions and how you can track your progression and how you and your birth partner can respond at each emotional stage.


1 Day Course Face to Face or weekend Live Online Zoom, 2 Modules:

The Hypnobirthing course has been divided into two modules; module 1, Mind session teaches the hypnosis skills, breathing techniques and the environment and module 2, Body session covers more about the physiology of birth and why things happen when they happen, and what your birth partner can do to help at the different emotional stages plus a range of hands on comfort measures.  Skills are transferable and can be used for home birth, hospital births, induction and caesarean births. 

Further details below on the course content and dates.



- Zoom courses normally run weekends in the afternoons. 1-4pm or 9-12noon Irish time to also facilitate clients in Dubai & Australia.

- Group face to face classes usually have module 1 taught in the morning and module 2 in the afternoon.  

- Private and semi private have a different format but same content. They are slightly shorter due to less people and can usually be at a time that suits. (4-6hours).


How much is the investment?

The workshops cost €150 each per group session and private hourly starting from €75. Discounts offered*


- Group Zoom = €130 for 1 (mind session or body session),

*€250 for full workshop (both mind and body) plus complementary 1-2-1 video call once full term saving you another €75.

- Private Zoom - €75/hour or 2 hour sessions for €140


-Group Face to face 4-8 clients = €280 plus 1-2-1 video call once full term saving you another €75. or €150 for 1 (mind session AM or body session PM),

- Semi private face to face 2/3 clients = €350 in my home in County Wicklow (*let me know if you want to hosting your house) plus 1-2-1 video call once full term saving you another €75.

Privates = from €450 for full hypnobirthing course

Some people who can't attend a full group workshop can contact me for dates and prices to mix and match options above. eg: a mix of private mind session and group body session will just cost €280/300 depending if zoom or in person. 


What stage in my pregnancy should we attend?

You can attend the course at any time during your pregnancy. ​Most people are 19-34 weeks but some are before and some are much later. It is never too late to attend the workshops, so even if you are a few days or weeks away from your due date, you will still benefit from attending. If you aren't sure which workshops dates would be best for your due date, please feel to call us on 0870911717, or email

How big are the groups?
Courses are taught in various locations across Ireland and at the RVI birth centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The group sizes depend on the venue, but are usually between 4 - 8 couples at a time and zoom sessions can take more as I always give a complementary private session when the full group hypnobirthing is booked and this time is hugely beneficial to everyone no matter how you are planing on giving birth.

Semi Private usually have 2/3 couples and can be run in my home or your own home.

FearFree Birthing Testimonial (3'30''-7'45'')


Hypnosis for birth

The first part of the workshop focuses exclusively on natural pain and stress management tools and techniques – namely breathing, relaxation, mindfulness and self hypnosis. These skills can be utalised for home, hospital and caesarean births.
In the morning you will learn:-

* Natural ways to reduce pain in child birth
* Self-hypnosis and mindfulness skills to overcome stress, fear and increase your confidence and trust in your ability to give birth

 * Your birthing environment

 * How fear or anxiety can have a negative impact on your body during the birth and learn how to reduce it
* Effective breathing and deep relaxation techniques
* Rapid triggers to enter hypnosis during labour
* Ways your birth partner can help you achieve a deeply relaxed state.

MIND workshop  - Morning Session
The Mind part of the workshop focuses very much on your mindset and mental preparation for birth, again an area often missing on other courses. It helps you address and overcome any fears, teaches you how to relax and use your breathing effectively and helps you understand why and how these things are so important. 

BODY workshop - Afternoon Session
The Body workshop teaches you simple, effective and practical tools and techniques to stay calm, relaxed and confident as well as helping you understand the physical as well as emotional map of birth. The emotional map is one which very few other courses touch on and yet for hundreds of couples who have done this course, they feel that this was one of the most important things they learnt.

Practical Tools
The second part of the workshop is a very practical session to help you and your birth partner prepare both physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth. During the afternoon you will be taken step by step through the birthing process from a physical as well as emotional perspective, learning practical tools and techniques to help you work with your body in the most effective way. We teach you and your birth partner emotional and physical signs to look out for during your labour as apposed to relying  on guessing how far dilated you may be which can actually change depending on a number of factors!

In the afternoon you will learn:-

* Practical techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed during the birth including massage,

  using a birth ball and birthing positions
* How your body works best during labour and what you can do to help it
* Practical tools and techniques for your partner to keep you calm, relaxed and ease

   discomfort during the birth
* How your emotions change during the labour and signs to look for
* Effective ways to work with the medical team supporting you

​Feedback - See what other parents have said about FearFree Birthing and Natal Hypnotherapy. Click Here >




Full Workshops- you'll receive all 3 downloads and coursework needed. 

One workshop - you'll receive 1-2 downloads and coursework needed. 

Plus full support after via email up until your baby arrives. A discounted one-to-one will also be offered on the day that you can book in at a time that suits closer to the estimated due date. Here we can go over anything you require and address any final concerns. Please see our workshops dates and availability below. Or for information on Private Bespoke packages, click here. To book a place, please email or call me for your FREE CONSULTATION.

*Once payment has been received, you will receive your first MP3 so you can get started straight away at home. An email confirmation with details on the course timings, what to bring, what to wear etc will follow. Along with a pre course questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me. This will be treated with complete confidence and will help me ensure that all your needs are met on the course and it is tailored to your needs.

When & Where

Now Live online for all clients, national and international. Face to face classes have limited availability- Group Hypnobirthing Workshops take place monthly in Blackrock, Dublin 4 at Little Roo Village and semi private groups in Wicklow or your own home, and quarterly at NHS birthing centre in the RVI Newcastle Upon Tyne UK. *privates for Waterford are also available! Plus Zoom and Skype options will continue as before to enable me to support those remotely. Contact me for information.​​

Due to Demand:


semi private/small group In person dates added!

*additional costs required

El course list jan 2021.jpg


June 23rd

In Person Dublin

Mar 3rd

In Person Dublin

Jan 14th

Apr 28th

July 28th

In person Dublin


In Person Dublin

El course list jan 2021.jpg



Oct 20th or Dec 1st

Sept 8th 

In person Dublin

Limited availability


Fully Booked 
(Wait list available)

In Person Dublin

In Person Dublin

(Other dates, private workshops or evenings can also be arranged & quoted for direct. Please contact us).​

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