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Milo's Birth - Natural Hospital Birth


I've always wanted to have a family and when I did the test and the magic 'pregnant' word appeared, I was overjoyed! Though being a worrier by nature that's also when my fears began.  I spent a lot of my pregnancy worrying and wondering if my baby was ok and growing as they should.  My biggest fear about labour was what if something went wrong. I guess a lot of my worry was due to the fact I was out of control.
I wanted to do the natal hypnotherapy workshops to see what I could learn to help me with labour as it was all the unknown with this being my first baby.  What I didn't expect is how it would change and help so many aspects of my outlook during pregnancy and birth...


Birthing your baby is a natural process, Mother Nature is an incredible thing and for thousands of years women have been giving birth, yet I'd almost forgot this.  TV dramas always show birth as this horrendous experience and while as a level headed person I know soaps are not reality, I did need a reminder that my body would naturally cope with both pregnancy and birth.  Elaine showed us the incredible stages of birth and how my body would not only cope but actively help to allow my baby to enter the world.

The natal hypnotherapy sessions gave me time to relax and focus on positive thoughts. The additional pregnancy relaxation sessions were exclusive time outs to think about my baby and send happy and content thoughts to my little one deep inside.  The breathing techniques also not only calmed me during this time, but also very much in labour and during contractions.

I had ideas about what I wanted from my labour experience but my class with Elaine made me realise that while I can have hopes about what I would like, the important thing is to keep in mind my ultimate goals from starting a family and remembering the techniques I learnt in the workshop to be positive in mind throughout labour.

I had hoped for a waterbirth and had brought many things from home to make my environment a nice peaceful setting to give birth to my baby in.  However, in the end this wasn't to be as after a complicated start to labour I returned to hospital too dilated to then go into the water.  But this simply gave me a different birthing experience, and I kept in mind my ultimate goal which I'd set in the first workshop with Elaine; to start a happy healthy family.  I used several techniques I had been taught such as 3, 2, 1 relax which was particularly useful during contractions.  My husband has said how great it was for him to recognise my different stages of labour after we learnt about the different phases I would experience.  So when I did go into the serious phase and then onto the self doubt phase, he was ready with support and encouragement to bring me back and focused on birthing our baby.

My beautiful baby boy was born and I got what I had set out to achieve, the start to a healthy happy family.  Throughout my labour my babys heartbeat was monitored and while my pain increased and as labour intensified, my babys heartbeat never faltered, remaining calm and content.  I believe this is due to a positive mind and the relaxation I had been taught with natal hypnotherapy.

Life is wonderful, a lifetime ambition of mine to become a mum and start a family has come true and I couldn't be happier.  I want to thank Elaine and FearFree Birthing from the bottom of my heart for the support, time and encouragement she gave me to birth my baby into our world.  I feel overwhelming lucky.



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