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Heath's Birth - Waterbirth


Our gorgeous little boy Heath arrived on Friday after the most perfect labour and birth experience! I must thank you so much for helping me to learn how fantastic Hypnobirthing with natal hypnotherapy is. My 1st birth a few years ago went fine and I can't say it was a bad experience, but I did feel that I lost control towards the end and without trying to make it sound dramatic, I think I found that quite traumatic and thats the part of his birth that stuck with me most and made me fear Heath's birth. After attending the NH workshops with Elaine at FearFreeBirthing, it helped to alleviate just about all negativity I had been feeling...


My 3rd trimester was fantastic thanks to the workshops, book and CDs. Also my affirmations board helped so much (I actually still have it hanging in my bedroom because it reminds me of my truly positive journey)! The weeks leading up to birth, I felt calm, relaxed and prepared for what went on to be a beautiful and enjoyable labour and birth experience. Steve's part in the preparation, labour and birth was so important. In Steve's words, he felt that the workshops taught him how to be an integral part of the labour and birth and they showed him how important a partner's role is. His role was to keep me comfortable, calm, relaxed and feeling safe. This he did fantastically well using the techniques we learned in the workshops.

My labour was 5 hours long and Heath was born in the pool at the birthing centre at the RVI. I was calm and relaxed throughout and had a fantastic birthing partner in Steve. Heath weighed a whopping 10lb 12oz. I remember every minute of Heath's birth and I actually did "breathe" my baby out with no feelings of panic or loss of control. Altough due to his size I did end up with a tear, I would not change a single thing. As requested in my birth plan, the midwife stepped back and left the birthing to Steve and I. Steve already has 3 children from a previous marriage whose births he was present at. He says that Heath's birth was by far the most calm and enjoyable experience and the first that he has ever felt he had an important role in. The Natal Hypnotherapy paired with the fantastic birthing centre setting just made everything as close to perfect as I could have ever wished for. 


I feel so privileged to have had the birth experience I did. I now hate to see births on tv where women are in pain and screaming when I know from personal experience how peaceful and beautiful it can all be. 

Steve and I would, and do recommend your Natal Hypnotherapy workshops to every couple. We know for a fact that we would not have had the experience we did had we not attended your workshops together. They are worth every penny and more! We feel that those who don't use it are really missing out. I know you'll be successful in all you wish to achieve Elaine and expectant parents are so lucky to have the opportunity to use your services at FearFreeBirthing.


Again, thank you so much.

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